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About us

EOTO is a registered charity (1148697) founded in 2012, by musician/actor/director Plan B (Ben Drew). We help transform the lives of young people in tough circumstances through the arts. Our East London charity provides unprecedented pathways back into school for those who have been permentaly excluded, through our unique approach to music as well as creating the space for personal development, behavioural change and pathways to a career in music.

We offer the environment for young people to express their feelings and develop creative talents, to receive mentoring and working with partner organisations, to pursue further education and training in music.

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The riots in the summer of 2011 demonstrated the biggest social unrest of a generation and brought it firmly to light. The system doesn’t work.

There are almost a million 16 to 24-year-olds in the UK who are currently not engaged in education, employment or formal training – that is double the number of applicants to university last year.

EOTO’s new programme is based upon conclusions arising from strategic review and on objective evidence which highlights the need to deliver targeted interventions to support students in Pupil Refferal Units (PRU’s).

At present the EOTO University of Alternative Learning operates in the London Boroughs of Newham. We are looking to work to across East London, and eventuall expand to cover all areas of London.