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Meet The Team

    Board of Trustees


    Ben Drew

    Ben Drew,  primarily known as Plan B is best known as a rapper, singer-songwriter, actor and film director. Born in Forest Gate, East London in 1983 he first emerged as a hip hop artist releasing his critically acclaimed debut album Who Needs Actions When You Got Words in 2006. His second studio album, The Defamation of Strickland Banks (2010) was a primarily soul based record and made Ben a household name, allowing him to reach a much wider audience than before. Ben has also had a successful film career as an actor, with roles in Adulthood (2008), Harry Brown(2009) and The Sweeney (2012).  In 2012, Ben released the film Ill Manors, which he wrote and directed, and also released an accompanying soundtrack album which became his second number one album. Ill Manors aimed to highlight the challenges that modern day London presents and that we are all a product of our environments.

    By creating Each One Teach One Ben hopes to take young people out of negative environments and help to put them in a place where they can find their voice, express themselves and move on to live a fulfilled life.


    Judah Armani

    Judah graduated from Central St Martin’s College of Art & Design with a degree in Design. He spent five years in the design industry and a decade in music, before he founded his Social Design practice Public.
    He is the managing director of RESTART, a homeless charity working in London. He has been involved in launching a skills centre for vulnerable women in Bogota, Colombia & working with an early intervention agency, developing the first secondary school in the Masai Mara. He has recently launched a social transformation project at Carlowrie Castle in Edinburgh, facilitating the disenfranchised back into society. He has a masters in Human Rights and corporate social responsibility and is studying Service Design at the Royal College of Art. He is passionate about creating spaces of transformation.

    Sam Eldridge

    Sam Eldridge is the co-owner of UROK management and MEROK records and publishing. He has ten years experience in the music industry working with a wide range of unique and talented artists, helping them to realise their visions and support them in all facets of the music industry.

    Sam, alongside his father Roy Eldridge, has managed Plan B for seven years beginning with the critical acclaim of Who Needs Actions When You Got Words, through the commercial success of Strickland Banks and the searing social commentary that was iLL Manors.

    “I realised that the humanity and social consciousness Ben projects in his music needed a platform of its own and I am hugely proud to be a part of the realisation of that in the Each One Teach One Trust.”



    Jeffrey Kaye

    Jeffrey Kaye is an accountant specialising in the music industry for over twenty years. He is a partner in the firm Skeet Kaye LLP. Jeffrey is very excited to be working amongst so many dedicated and enthusiastic people for the Each One Teach One Trust. He believes that everyone from all backgrounds should have the chance to flourish – especially those who may not have had the best start in life.