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EOTO 2016 Report

2016 has been an incredible year for Each One Teach One, where we have been able to document the positive impact accurately, and move from knowing that the music project is a good idea to being able to demonstrate that its a great reality. 

In 2016 EOTO has seen over 50 pupils return back to mainstream education during the academic year. The magnitude of that figure may only be truly understood if we compare that to the number of returners to mainstream education before our music programme at Tunmarsh PRU which was 4 pupils! Why is the programme so successful? In the words of Jada, an EOTO student, “It calms me down when I am angry, I just play and I feel better” thats the starting point. We have always wanted the music programme to be a safe space where feelings are expressed, skills are learnt and music is created. 


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