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Protégé join Ben for a songwriting masterclass

On March 12th, five young people from creative charity Protégé joined Ben in the studio for the day as they undertook a very special master class in songwriting. Learning the techniques and delivery of how to turn raw experiences and emotions onto powerful pieces of art, the students developed and produced a finished song from a poem that one of them had previously written. A base for what would soon be an amazing finished product.

Studio Day 2

Studio Day 3

Studio Day 4

Speaking of working with Ben, student Markhtum who also rapped on the track, says: “The day was very inspirational in terms of working with someone with such a high level of success, and for Ben to show such an interest in Protégé both individually and as a group was amazing. I want the chemistry and concepts of Protégé to be promoted through this collaboration so that Protégé may be able to help future students in the way it has helped me”.

Student, Sam – whose poem was the inspiration for the song – said: “After coming straight from a night-shift I was very tired and yet when I got there and the day began I found that simply being in that environment gave me the energy to participate. Being able to work with someone who doesn’t judge and who actually cares about your opinion is amazing. The whole day was wonderful and even though it was tiring I found it inspiring. Throughout the day Ben was respectful of where each of us was coming from and treated us as if we were professionals – a lovely day that I will always remember and I look forward to hearing how one persons poem became a group of peoples song”.

Watch the Protégé songwriting experience and listen to their very impressive finished track below:

“There is so much untapped young talent in this country. So many young people have already been through so much in their lives that it makes their song writing deeper and more meaningful than the shallow lyrics we are bombarded with every day in the majority of pop music that we hear. At Protege I had the privilege of working with a group of very capable, young, raw and edgy songwriters who only needed that little extra guidance and push towards achieving a finished product that is not too far away from what you would hear from a band signed to a major record label. I wish them all the best of luck in their future and I am very optimistic that the seeds of songwriting knowledge passed down to me that I shared with them that day will grow and flourish into something beneficial for each of their futures. Their tenacity and the enthusiasm towards music that each of them already posses will no doubt be the driving force behind their individual progression, but the tools our session will have equipped them with will hopefully make a big difference to their songwriting and help them to achieve greater things going forward” – Ben Drew

To find out more about Protégé and the work they do with young people visit:

Written by Demi Leigh McGrane

Photos by Gavin Watson



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