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Creating the foundations for many futures, East London Arts & Music (ELAM) co-founded by Will Kennard from music production duo Chase & Status, are set to provide a groundbreaking structure for success when it comes to careers in Music and the Creative Industries. By nurturing, guiding and providing talented and ambitious young creatives aged 16-19 with qualifications, fine tuned skills and sought after industry knowledge, ELAM aim to equip a new generation of young people to be at the centre of tomorrows music industry. And with just over 3 months left until the schools official opening in September, last week we had the pleasure of attending ELAM’s launch event at Toynbee Theatre, celebrating and welcoming what is soon to be the beginning of a powerful growth in creative education.

The night was hosted by ELAM’s Principle Charlie Kennard, who as well as telling us of the journey the academy has embarked on so far and the impact ELAM’s presence will have on the lives of their students; he welcomed and introduced some of the important figures responsible for the founding, progression and success of ELAM. Each speaker told of the driving force behind the idea of setting up the school and why they felt this institute was so important; not only in career development but personal development too. As well as this, ELAM also showcased a selection of very talented young musicians who took centre stage to showcase the passion they have for their craft through a variety of different performance styles and genres.

ELAM delivered a great night that was bursting with aspiring talent and passionate individuals committed to enriching the lives of our young people. We look forward to continuing our ongoing relationship with them and seeing what the future holds for such a brilliant academy.

To find out more information about ELAM or to get involved in one of their taster days visit:



Written by Demi Leigh McGrane


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