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B4L Collage 2

Active charity Box4Life serve as a substantial supplement to the Leytonstone community. They are focused on creating a solid environment for young people; developing their confidence, instilling the importance of discipline and building resilience – all through the deliverance and coaching of non-contact boxing. Presenting a young tight-knit group of diverse young people all aged between 8 to 18, the club takes pride in acting as a strong character in each of their lives, while providing a firm family based atmosphere with an intent attitude into developing change.

Created in 2009, Box4Life has evolved into a reliable source of stability for all local young people and is determined to continue to acquire that position for the foreseeable future. Speaking of the drive behind Box4Life, coach Peter Sandy says, “When the young people come to us, it’s like coming into a community family. They can talk to us about their problems, and they do. If they just came here and did boxing then went away, well that’s alright it’s called diversion, but it’s not actually engaging deep enough for what we are trying to achieve. Our aim is to help young people to focus and become who they really are.”

Box4Life Collage

The importance of Box4Life is understood greater when speaking to those who benefit from its presence the most. We had a chat with a girl who went from being a young person who once attended the club, to gaining a job and becoming a coach herself there. Speaking of Box4Life’s significance in the community, she says, “The kids really enjoy themselves when they come here. Some are from quite hard backgrounds and Box4Life provides a place where they can come a couple of nights a week; it gives them something they can be passionate about. Boxing teaches you a lot of discipline and fitness and has taught me all kinds of ways to keep fit.” Continuing she said, “I’ve become a lot more confident in myself since I started here too, I walk with a sense of pride now; I think all the kids get that here. I am proud to know that I am part of something valued in the community and also seeing the kids enjoy it so much, I know I am part of something that they will be taking with them into the rest of their lives.”

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Written by Demi Leigh McGrane


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