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The Hair Project

THP Collage

Discreetly tucked away in the heart of Shoreditch, the Hair Project teaches the skills of hairdressing to young people currently aged between 14 and 24. With a refreshing approach to education and training, fuelled by pure passion and the sheer determination to generate change – whether you are one of their students, dropping by to update your locks, or simply just visiting like we did recently, The Hair Project is a truly special place to be.

“It’s important for me to give my students confidence and self belief”, says Curtis, Hair Project founder. “Be a dreamer, let’s open your mindset”.

Founded in 2010, the Hair Project deliver a forward thinking approach to the world of education and training and by doing so have gone on to become a hugely prominent part in the lives of their students, both past and present. They mix standard theory practices with full on practical training, that single handily displays the distinctive qualities of the Hair Project’s approach compared to other standard routes of learning. Committed to providing qualifications, developing and perfecting skills in all aspects of hairdressing and barbering, and preparing their students for the day to day realities of working in a fully fledged salon; I think it’s fair to say that, they do not do things by halves.


Particularly different from your average learning environment the Hair Project also pride themselves on serving as an important facility in and around the local community, as they operate an open salon policy for all those with hair in need of some TLC. From wash and blow-dries, to styling, cuts and colouring, the students will ensure that you go away feeling very happy with the end result. Speaking of this element of training, one student said, “I am a lot more confident now. If I had been working on dummy heads, then I don’t think I would have the confidence that I do to speak to clients and do consultations. It’s so much better actually working with real people.”

Encouragement and confidence building is rooted deep within the Hair Project. Every student that we spoke to on our visit proudly gushed about the beneficial confidence they have gained since passing through its doors.

“I lacked total confidence before I started the Hair Project, you couldn’t even get me to answer the phone before. Since being here, my whole attitude towards everything has changed! I have been told that I can be anything and achieve anything. I’ve been given the ambition to want better. The Hair Project has made me believe that anything is possible.” – Hair Project student.

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Written by Demi Leigh McGrane



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