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Makerversity launch “A Classroom of the Future”

Last week we headed down to Somerset House to visit Makerversity and drop in on a session being held in their fantastic creative space.


In partnership with the educational company Pearson, Makerversity have launched The Pearson Lab – “A classroom of the future” – providing space for unique learning experiences for young people across London; from toddlers to 25-year-olds. Makerveristy aim to give young people a supplement to their standard education experience by providing a more hands on approach to technology, including Kano Kits, Scratch, Raspberry Pis and 3D Printers.

The Pearson Lab

“At Makerversity we’re a home for making, learning and emerging practice in the widest context; be it physical, digital or even edible. Makerversity offers space for startups and businesses or those interested in experimenting with new technologies and digital fabrication” said Tom Tobia, Founder of Makerveristy. “We’re excited to be partnering with Pearson to develop a learning space for a collaborative community of global makers and problem-solvers, who are interested in changing the future of education for the better.”

MV Collage

Utilising Makerversity’s latest space enhancement, were a group of twenty ‘This Is It’ interns from The Creative Society – an employment charity that helps young people into jobs in the creative and cultural industries. To kick start the day, the interns begun with a mind mapping session, speaking about their placements and what they each hoped to get out of it, before upping the creativity levels and undertaking a 3D printing workshop lead by KIDE. They used design software and 3D printers to create new bridges for London. We spoke to one of the interns, who said: “It’s cool to be at Makerversity. It’s a really interesting space and inspiring to see artists together in a space that they can create in. They are really passionate and talented people.
CS Interns
Already providing making and working spaces for hands-on entrepreneurs in London, moving forward Makerveristy hope to give interesting access to technologies and support around cutting edge vocational business skills and industries. They hope to see young people using their space in long term focused placements and connecting them to people who run their own businesses and are experts in their field, which will progress into young people getting full-time employment.

To find out more on Makerveristy visit:

Written by Demi Leigh McGrane

Photos by Declan Slattery


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