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Mayday Trust

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Last week we were fortunate enough to meet up with Pat and John from the Mayday Trust to talk about future plans and working together. Both Pat and John inspired us at EOTO with their fantastic work; not only with young people but older people too! Mayday offers transition services for people facing challenging life transitions including anything from leaving care, to a first home, to those who are experiencing homelessness.

Mayday inspires and encourages people to develop by building on their talents and abilities whilst supporting them with any personal problems they may be experiencing. They thrive on offering the right services at the right time and fill the gap in existing services that don’t fit with people’s individual needs. Other organisations help people to cope with problems, but Mayday are unique in supporting people in exploring their abilities and building on their strengths. They do this by delivering learning experiences that connect, engage and inspire the individuals.

By believing in a persons abilities and empowering them to discover their assets they are taking the first step in helping individuals to build confidence and reach their aspirations. Mayday is not only about providing a roof for people, they help to get many lives back on track and move on to a more stable home and positive future. It was an absolute pleasure to meet with Mayday and we look forward to the possibility of working alongside them in the future.


Written by Kaylie Williams


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