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Christmas brought to you by EOTO Media & The Marketing Store

Exclusively for this Christmas, Each One Teach One’s media group (Paddy, Rowan, Declan and Racha) teamed up with The Marketing Store to collaborate on an exclusive selection of Christmas cards. Setting off on their journey for festive findings, EOTO Media were challenged to create a Christmas card that captured the spirit of the capital during the holiday season, through their eyes. Instead they created a selection of witty and original greetings using the images they designed, resulting in a final collection of seven Christmas postcards, each original and portraying a festive East London scene.



Collaborating with The Marketing Store to produce the EOTO Christmas cards, was a great experience! We had a couple of meetings to discuss different ideas. On one of the Christmas cards we decided to have myself dressed up as Santa, I felt like a model, standing next to a sign that said ‘Please wait here until you are useful. Thank you!’. Overall it was a great opportunity to do something like this. Hopefully we could make it a tradition and do something like this every year .” – Rowan James-Brown

Xmas cards

Cameron Day, Director at The Marketing Store, said: “It has been great to have had the opportunity to work with EOTO in such a meaningful way. We are delighted with the cards and have been truly inspired by the work from the Media students. We look forward to getting a number of other projects planned for 2014.”

Xmas cards 2

Speaking of his experience working alongside The Marketing Store, EOTO Media’s Paddy Ellis, said: “Collaborating with the marketing store on this years EOTO’s Christmas cards was an exciting process, we [EOTO Media] were set a brief to capture the spirit of Christmas in the capital. Right from the word ‘go’ EOTO Media were heavily involved in the decision making process, the lovely people at The Marketing Store took us under their wing, from brainstorming to the printing room, EOTO Media was there every step of the way. It was a great opportunity for EOTO Media to be actively involved in this creative process and watch as the final product came to life, hopefully capturing the spirit of East London and Christmas. We are all very proud that the final product will be raising money to help provide other young people in the capital with access to new skills, training and support.”


Check out the ‘making of’ video below to see what the group all got up to.

To purchase a pack of our EOTO postcards and send out a festive slice of London life this Christmas, visit our store:

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Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year from EOTO



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