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Creative Collisions; The Power of Collaboration and Togetherness

IMG_4130We recently attended Creative Collisions, a conference comprised of over 400 like minded delegates, designed to channel the thoughts and efforts of those working within the youth sector, instigating momentum and therefore real change.

The event, a collaborative production from NCVYS, UK Youth, NUS, vInspired, NYA, Foyer Federation and Leap Confronting Conflict, was all about belief in young people, focussed on achieving change and what is necessary to take a great idea forward and make the desired impact; improving the lives of young people.

Keynote speakers included Lisa Nandy, Shadow Minister for Civil Society, Toni Pearce, the particularly engaging National President-elect of the National Union of Students, and our good friend David McQueen, international speaker, coach and facilitator. These speakers initiated animated discussion, providing opportunity to share perspectives and ultimately develop relationships working towards togetherness; the key ingredient in strengthening the youth sector.

During the course of the day we participated in a fantastic high energy workshop run by Leap Confronting Conflict, addressing the origins of conflict,  its triggers, impact and the strong relevance of understanding it when working with young people. The session was engaging, interactive, fun, and above all demonstrative of the deep understanding Leap have of conflict rationale.

The conference culminated in a youth led session, that can be described as nothing other than emotive and inspiring; a stark reminder of why we do this job. Young people are what all of this is all about, they are the “catalysts” for change and absolutely manifest the energy that it is our job to harness and guide. We were privileged to make up part of the audience of these young speakers; we watched them embody the notion that engaged correctly, guided appropriately and given support and opportunity they will thrive. They will be the next people to make a real difference.

After an amazing closing, where we were flash bombed by the very talented Pandemonium Drummers of London Olympics 2013 fame, we left the conference feeling such a sense of community, of strength in the number of us like minded organisations working toward the same goals; improving the lives of young people by giving them the support they need and deserve.

“Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey.” Vera Nazarian.


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