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EOTO Media

Natalia Jorquera, EOTO Media Founder & Project Manager:

It’s notoriously hard to break into the world of media, it’s competitive and foot-in-the-door opportunities are few and far between, so how are young people without existing connections going to gain experience and progress?

 University courses are great, however, from my own experience the only way to truly learn is by going out there and doing it yourself, but for those who may not have access to the equipment or an outlet to showcase their work, it can seem an impossible task. That’s why I wanted to set up EOTO Media, through this project I aim to give young people an opportunity to let them pioneer their own series – give them guidance and inspiration from people out there actually doing it and most importantly, provide them with a platform to do so.

EOTO Media is a unique programme designed especially for young creatives who are interested in Video Production, Photography and Journalism. We offer a series of free media training workshops led by young industry professionals who work with members to identify and develop their talent through exciting projects. The content created will then be published on the EOTO website, giving young people the platform to showcase their talent to the world.

EOTO Media is 100% funded by Each One Teach One and is an important part of our aim to create a platform for young people to express things that are important to them.

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