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Organisation name:  Box4Life

Grant amount: £5,000

Quote from Box4Life:

Ben Drew’s support has empowered us and lifted our organisation into the new era. EOTO is more like an active partner than a funder – it feels as if we have become part of a new movement for disadvantaged young people.”

Quote from EOTO:

“Box4Life create a safe and supportive space for young people that enables them to take out their frustrations on punch bags and through physical exercise rather than on each other. The idea to expand their delivery into drama work creates new opportunities for the young people they work with to express themselves in new ways.”

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Box4Life is a grassroots boxing club for 8-18 year olds, based in Leytonstone and active in Waltham Forest. We use non-contact boxing to give young people new physical skills, and to help them develop their social and emotional skills – alongside others doing the same thing.  Formed in 2009 as a community response to a teenage murder, Box4Life uses its extended family atmosphere as an antidote to gang culture. We run two weekly sessions – in Cann Hall Baptist Church and Cathall Leisure Centre – as well as classes for schools and pupil referral units, and courses for mainstream youth services.


With EOTO’s backing we have been able to realise a dream. With our arts-based partner, Diverse Voices, we are providing drama workshops, FREE2B,  giving young people another route, besides boxing, to express their nature and explore their identity. (picture: FREE2B launch at Buxton School)

Being part of EOTO’s growing network of providers means we can refer young people to specialists with different skills, strengthening the safety net we are rebuilding together for them.





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