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Organisation name:  Chats Palace

Grant amount: £5,000

Quote from Chats Palace:

“The funding from Each One Teach One is enabling Chats Palace to work with young adults in the community interested in music (whether in planning, production or performance) and suffering from social or educational exclusion.”

Quote from EOTO: 

“Music is a powerful tool in engaging young people and the project at Chats Palace provides a brilliant opportunity for a respected community venue to open it’s doors to allow young people to create their own music events. The fact that the project is also linking up with local provider Point Blank allows for  future sustainability of the work.”



Dance Please



Chats Palace is a community arts centre in Homerton, Hackney offering arts and creative provision to the local community and beyond and space for people to create. Recent research has shown that there are not enough activities or opportunities in our community for young people. With this grant not only are we able to offer a space for young people to set up and run their own music nights once a month;


to gain skills and experience in an arts setting, it also offers other young people in the community a safe space to socialise and perform. The grant has also enabled Chats Palace to develop relationships with other local and national organisations, and local professionals in the music industry keen to work with the young people and support them in the project and beyond.





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