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Change: Why it is time to stop talking and start doing

“It is unforgivable for one of the leading nations of the world not to have prioritised the protection and treatment of its most vulnerable children”.

Camila Batmanghelidjh

At Each One Teach One we are passionate about improving the lives of young people, by giving them a voice, enabling them to change their options and ultimately improve their lives. Despite our position as a leading nation, our recent economic climate here in the UK has further compounded our grievous failures when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable of our children. ‘Change’ is a word frequently used, frequently discussed, but in this circumstance not employed. Real change has not yet been effected, despite desperate need, and resultantly our profoundly flawed system continues to betray children who are suffering.

Children don’t vote. Consequently they are not seen as a priority, and this has been the case throughout successive governments. These children are left to survive alone, failed by a system that was put in place to protect them. Impassioned social workers toil within a system that fails to support them, and as a country our apathy facilitates these failures. Progress is not achieved by attributing blame; vilifying the vulnerable families and the people trying to help them does not help us exact change. We call for a systemic attitudinal shift, for people to realise just how badly children in this country are being let down, be outraged by it, hold the system accountable, and stop it happening.

Prevention efforts need to be much more systematically invested in; currently the system is failing our children. They are still in danger, the social services are still at breaking point, yet their voice is ignored. The public’s relationship with this information is carefully managed, while behind closed office doors special case reviews pile up high, and the scale of the maltreatment of children overwhelms the capability of the system.

Kids Company has recently launched their SEE THE CHILD. CHANGE THE SYSTEM campaign, with the aim of making this change happen. Ultimately, their message is most clear; the time for talking about change is over. It is time to make that change.




Kids Company believe that politicians should be held to account for the chronic failures of our child protection system and that as a nation united in outrage our collective voice will be loud enough to generate change. The campaign calls for the formation of a specialist Independent Children’s Task Force to redesign the child protection model to ensure it robustly achieves reparation for these children.

It is in this context that EOTO are supporting the SEE THE CHILD. CHANGE THE SYSTEM campaign. Our founder Ben Drew (Plan B) is particularly passionate about instigating this change and has funded and directed 4 films for Kids Company to illustrate their message. He says of the campaign, “I am completely behind the message this campaign is bringing to the public. My organisation, Each One Teach One works with these children further down the line, and I think it is really important to reach them before so much of the damage is done. I don’t think people in this country realise how badly some of these children are being let down by the system. That’s why I funded and directed these films for the campaign, to be honest with the public about how bad the situation is.”

To stand up for vulnerable children across the country, please join the petition and vote for change by texting “I SEE” to 63000 (standard network charges apply, no donation is taken) or sign at the campaign website It is time that politicians are held to account over the failing state of child protection and mental health services in this country.

Your vote will show them that we do care and support the formation of an Independent Children’s Task Force of experts, chaired by Sir Keir Starmer QC, who will lead a body of experts to redesign a comprehensive child protection and wellbeing model.

To keep up with the campaign follow @SeetheChild on Twitter and the Kids Company accounts on: Facebook,  Google + and Instagram (kidscompanyuk) Please help raise awareness by sharing the campaign, using the hashtag #SeetheChild across these platforms.

Please encourage your friends, family and followers to sign the petition and share their childhood photo on social media. By acting together we can prioritise the protection and treatment of our most vulnerable children. By acting together we can make the change.

Written by Amy Bennett

Communications and Partnership Manager



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